CEO appointed for new logistics company focusing on inland waterway shipping

Erik Thun AB, Ahlmark Lines AB and the Dutch company Verenigde Tankrederij are now realizing their plans on sea-based logistic solutions for the inland waterways Lake Vänern and Lake Mälaren in Sweden. A joint company, AVT Shipping, has been formed and Johan Lantz appointed as Managing Director of the new business set up.

”Our notion is that there is potential for development of sea-based logistic solutions both in Lake Vänern and in Lake Mälaren, partly because the new regulations for traffic on the Swedish inland waterways now are about to be adapted so that shipping can reach a better competitiveness, but we also believe that the new type of sustainable maritime transports that we will offer, in a long term, can replace road transports in highly congested and environmentally affected areas.

We are pleased that we have been able to tie Johan Lantz to the new company. Johan who comes from the Swedish Maritime Administration has long experience of building logistic concepts and he also has good knowledge of maritime traffic on inland waterways” says Henrik Källsson, Deputy Managing Director of Erik Thun AB and Håkan Thorell, Managing Director of Ahlmark Lines AB.

AVT Shipping will be fully operational by August 1st 2015.


Contact: Henrik Källsson


Phone:  +46 510 848 02

Näringslivsmedaljen 2015

Anders Källsson, managing director of Erik Thun AB, was awarded with the Enterprise Medal by the Swedish Royal Patriotic Society (Kungliga Patriotiska Sällskapet) on 23rd of April 2015. The royal society has since 1772 supported the development of Swedish industry.

The medal was presented by Prince Daniel and nine persons were honored for “outstanding entrepreneurship” at a special ceremony at Riddarhuset in Stockholm.

Happy New Year

We would like to wish everybody of our customers, partners, seafarers and colleagues a really Happy New Year and Best Wishes.

Happy New Year

New employee

On December 1st, Joakim Mellgren starts his new job as inspector of Thun’s  self-unloaders. His most recent position was as Dock Master at Oresund Drydock.

M/F Nossan

Skadan på skrovet är nu tätad.

Fartyget ligger f n i Vänersborg och beräknas avgå till Gruvön under de närmaste dagarna för lossning av massaveden och därefter till Trellevarvet på Kållandsö för slutlig reparation.

Nossan har grundstött i Trollhättan

Thunbolagets M/F ”Nossan” gick den 12 november på grund i höjd med  Stallbackabron i Trollhättan.

Besättningen är oskadd och evakuerad. Inga personskador har rapporterats.

Personal från rederiet finns på plats vid fartyget som är förtöjt.

Situationen upplevs som stabil och inga miljöutsläpp har skett.

Fartyget har inspekterats av dykare och arbete pågår med att täta skrovet.

Fartyget är lastat med massaved från Baltikum till Vänern.

Uppdaterad: 2014-11-12 17:30

The first LNG dry cargo vessel

Erik Thun is designing one of the first dry cargo vessels with LNG powered pulpulsion.

Together with ship yard Ferus Smit and class society Lloyds Register we designing and building a Dry Cargo vessel in Holland. The design process is ongoing and keel lying will happen after summer with delivery in August 2015. For more information you can call Henrik Källsson +46 705981415 or by email

You can download 3D designed photos of the ship here:

Here is an infosheet on technical specifications of the vessel from Ferus Smit:

M/V Helge successfully launched

On Saturday the 6th of July, the 89 meter long dry cargo vessel M.V. Helge (Nb. 416) has been successfully christened and launched at the shipyard Ferus Smit in Westerbroek.

The vessel has been built in a series of two identical ships of the type Trollmax bulk carriers and are specially designed for the sluice gates of the Trollhättan canal.

This is the connection to Lake Vänern in Sweden, the largest inland sea, and the third largest lake in Europe. About 80 miles long and 43 miles wide, it is a significant cruising area in itself, with numerous guest harbours and natural harbours.

The MV Helge will be operate under the same conditions as the MV Alice under management of Marin Ship Management, the marine division of Management Facilities Group. The Swedish shipping company Erik Thun is the owner of both vessels. The vessels are named after Helge Kallsson, founder of the company and his wife Alice. The vessels will sail the Dutch flag and have Delfzijl as their homeport.

Thun Tankers establishing a new markering co-operation – Gothia Tankers

The purpose is to provide extended optionality to our clients with a wide range of quality ships in different sizes.

–  The network will combine efficient and reliable tanker management with extended optionality to our existing service, says Stefan Magnusson, Chartering Manager at Furetank Chartering Sweden.

–  By providing extended optionality to our clients with a wide range of quality ships in different sizes we aim to offer increased benefits by having the right sized ship in the right position at the requested time, says Joakim Lund, Chief Commercial Officer at Thun Tankers.

–  Maintaining our well established brands whilst we are creating a marketing alliance gives us the opportunity to broaden the offer to our customers and provide them with the best solution and knowledge that our cooperating organizations can offer, says Søren Weinreich, Managing Director at Furetank Chartering Denmark.

For more info please visit

For further questions about Gothia Tankers please reach out to:

Joakim Lund

Thun Tankers, Wisby Tankers, Furetank and their partners will in Gothia Tankers market a fleet of fifteen product tankers between 5,000 to 10,000 dwt and eighteen product tankers between 10,000 & 40,000 dwt.

Thun Tankers main sponsor for Lysekil Women’s Match

A sailing event that conforms with values and trademark

Every summer Lysekil Women’s Match attracts the leading women match racing sailors in the world, coming to the beautiful and picturesque Swedish west coast. From now on, Thun Tankers is joining Preem as main sponsor for this successful event:

–   Of course we are delighted that Thun Tankers has chosen to be one of our main sponsors. Thanks to solid commercial partners we can continue the development of this event, to strengthen it even further in the eyes of competitors as well as of spectators, event project leader Anna Holmdahl White says.

–   We are proud to be able to display and tell more about operations in Thun Tankers and Erik Thun AB, in conjunction with such an appreciated and well-arranged event for women sailors, says Joakim Lund, Chief Commercial Officer for Thun Tankers.

Thun Tankers’ parent company Erik Thun AB was founded in 1938 and has been in tanker shipping since 1952. This winter, when acquiring vessels previously jointly owned with Broström, Thun Tankers was founded. Introducing this new, and old, trademark to the market is now done with the sponsoring of Lysekil Women’s Match as an important component:

–   Absolutely! This is an event with a lot of factors that remain close to our heart – the west coast of Sweden, the sea and sailing. And of course it is important to be engaged in a context with such successful women. Many puzzle pieces fall into place, Joakim Lund says, revealing that Lysekil Women’s Match also will be a part of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Erik Thun AB.

– For this event and for the women sailing, Thun Tankers’ decision to be a part of Lysekil Women’s Match is very pleasing. We are really looking forward to a long-term cooperation, Anna Holmdahl White says, reminding about the fact that this year’s Lysekil Women’s Match also will be the final event of the inaugural Women’s International Match Racing Series:

– Together the good news point out a very positive future for women’s match racing and for Lysekil Women’s Match!

Lysekil Women’s Match is with a 300 000 SEK (50 000 USD) prize purse the largest yearly event for women match racing sailors, concerning the mix of spectators, publicity and prize money. In match racing the crews meet two by two in exciting duels that can easily be followed and understood by the spectators.

The world’s leading women match racing sailors participate in the eighth issue of Lysekil Women’s Match, August 5 – 10 2013, arranged by Sailnet Lysekil AB in cooperation with Lysekils SS Gullmar.

Lysekil Women’s Match is the final stage of the Women’s International Match Racing Series, with events in France, Korea, Denmark, USA and Sweden, and the overall Series prize purse of an additional 50 000 USD will be distributed in Lysekil.

Main sponsor for Lysekil Women’s Match is Preem and Thun Tankers, with the municipality of Lysekil as host city.


Images: A number of hi-res images are available for download on

More information about Lysekil Women’s Match:

Lysekil Women’s Match Project Leader Anna Holmdahl White,, +46 73 068 42 92

Lysekil Women’s Match Press Officer Joakim Hermansson,, +46 70 604 25 04


More information about Thun Tankers:

Chief Commercial Officer Joakim Lund
+46 31 61 60 80, +46 70 423 32 47