News archive from 2023

Launching of Thun Resource

Last Friday, November 10, we had the pleasure of naming and launching the Thun Resource. She is the first of six ordered product tankers in our new Resource Efficiency Class-series,  being built by Scheepswerf Ferus Smit BV with delivery from 2024 and onwards.

The vessel was named by Godmother Ulrika Hamill, a representative of Nynas AB. Upon delivery, the Thun Resource will be technically managed by MF Shipping Group and enter into a five-year time charter to Nynas AB. Find out more by reading our press release and watch the movie.

Statement from JT Cement

After years of dedicated service, Petter Tronstad, Chief Executive Officer of JT Cement will be stepping down to pursue other opportunities. As we bid farewell to Petter, Patrik Gandvik, presently Chartering Manager of Thun Self Unloaders, will take on the role of Chief Commercial Officer for JT Cement to lead the Company into its next phase of growth and development, Petter will play an important role in this transition and the company’s operations will remain in Bergen and continue to be managed by its current team of experienced commercial and operations staff.

Please find out more in the statement from JT Cement.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Patrik Gandvik, +46 705 83 55 20 or

Photo by Marten van Straten, at Slite, Sweden

Erik Thun introduces next-generation Lake Vanern MAX vessels

We are happy to unveil our new dry cargo vessels, a next-generation series of Lake Vanern Max, built at Shipyard Ferus Smit in the Netherlands.
“We are making a substantial investment to support our customers’ transportation needs and thereby strengthening our position even further on the short-sea market and on the Lake Vanern traffic.” says Senior charterer Jens Bäckström. The vessels will be delivered from September 2024 and onwards.

“We are proud to lead the way in maritime innovation by introducing the Lake Vanern Max, a vessel that sets a new standard in efficiency, performance, and sustainability. These vessels exemplify our unwavering commitment to sustainable shipping and pave the way for a greener and more prosperous future.” concludes Henrik Källsson, Deputy managing director at Erik Thun Group.

Find out more by reading our press release.

Job opportunity

We are hiring a technical purchaser to our office in Lidköping, Sweden. Find out more by reading the ad, in Swedish, at

Erik Thun takes a Climate Leap to reduce emissions

Erik Thun Group has been granted funds from the Climate Leap initiative, part of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s local investments program, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on our dry cargo fleet.

As part of our climate transition, we are investing SEK 36 million to install battery packs on nine of our existing vessels in the dry cargo fleet. The funds from the Climate Leap initiative will reimburse up to 40% of the investment, but no more than SEK 14.4 million. Find out more in our press release.

Come join us in Gothenburg!

We are hiring a Demurrage Negotiator for Thun Tankers, to our office in Gothenburg. Read more here.

Sustainability report 2022 Erik Thun

We are proud to let you know that we have published our Sustainability Report for 2022.

The sustainability report is a way to describe the economic, environmental and social impacts of our everyday activities, as a complement to the annual report.

Our vision is to be a sustainable Swedish partner over generations. Being in the shipping industry, we believe we can actually make a difference in the global perspective by being responsible and do our part.

Photo courtesy by Christopher Kullenberg Rothvall at Sjöfartstidningen

Latest Wärtsilä engine platform selected for four new Erik Thun Group tankers

Technology group Wärtsilä will supply the engines for four new 7999 dwt chemical tankers in the ’R-class’ series of resource efficient vessels being built for Thun Tankers. The ships will be constructed at the Ferus Smit shipyard in the Netherlands. The vessels will operate with the Wärtsilä 25 engine, the future-fuels ready latest addition to the company’s engine portfolio.

The modular, upgradable design will allow us to reduce vessel fuel consumption and emissions from the first mile while providing the readiness to run on alternative fuels whenever viable – all without compromising performance. Whatever future fuel emerges as the most appropriate for our operations, the Wärtsilä 25 is ready for the challenge.

“Decarbonisation is a key driver for our operations. It makes total sense, therefore, for us to select the Wärtsilä 25 engine,” says Henrik Källsson, Deputy Managing Director of Erik Thun. “We recognise the reliability, fuel efficiency, and compact design of the engine, and the option to operate with clean future fuels is very important to us.”

“The scope for the ‘R-Class’ series have been to build the most resource efficient vessels available for the trade, with minimal environmental impact. Thun’s long experience of building high performing quality vessels has been used in the design process. We have been combining this with a number of new features to further widen the offer towards our clients while reducing our climate footprint,” says Joakim Lund, CCO at Thun Tankers BV.

Join us in Lidköping

We are hiring a technical superintendent to our office in Lidköping, Sweden. Read more and apply here.

We invite you to a journey

We invite you to a spectacular journey through the process of building a new vessel: our multi-purpose dry cargo vessel Baltic Crystal built at shipyard Ferus Smit in the Netherlands. Beginning with the steel cutting in March 2022 continuing through launching in December 2022, to the sea trials and preparations for delivery in February 2023. You are welcome to join!