Social responsibility

Opinion Forming

Transport by sea is one of the most climate neutral transport modalities. Shipping does however not always compete on equal terms with other means of transport. There can be vast differences in how much of their own infrastructure each modality needs to fund. As these differences are based on political decisions, the Erik Thun Groups has for many years put tireless effort into opinion-forming, where these issues are concerned. All modes of transportation are needed, but our concern is that the most energy-efficient choice may not be used in each situation. We have gathered our reports on this here. (in Swedish)

Helge och Alice Källsson Memorial Foundation

In 1982, the Erik Thun Group founder created the Helge och Alice Källsson memorial foundation with the purpose to provide scholarships for research aiming for environmentally safer coastal transports and scholarships for education and research in trade and shipping.

Net Fam

netfamThe majority among the crews on board the Thun ships are from the Philippines. The Erik Thun Group has chosen a crewing company, Net Ship Management, which has a sound CSR-plan, including the seafarer’s families as part of its corporate family. With the crew-members away from home on long contracts, it is crucial that their loved ones are looked after. Among other things, their Netfam-programme offers communications services between families and ships, scholarships and health care benefits.