Erik Thun AB acquires OP Svensson Shipping AB

Erik Thun AB acquires the majority stake in the ship broking company OP Svensson Shipping AB
whom will now trade under the name OP Ship.

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Staffan Carlson avgår som styrelseordförande i Erik Thun AB vid årsstämman den 5 maj.

Rekryteringsfirman Maquire har anlitats för att hitta ny ordförande.

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Thun Tankers orders series of next generation chemical tankers

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Launching m/v Ireland













On Saturday March 19th the m/v Ireland was successfully christened and launched at the Ferus Smit Shipyard in Westerbroek, the Netherlands. The christening ceremony was performed by mrs Beatriz Mayans Zamora, partner of mr Luis Miquel Labarra Pérez, shipping manager Cemex, Spain. Despite the chilly weather a large audience came to witness the launching which is always a spectacular sight.

After the launching the festivities continued with lunch in Groningen and ended with a dinner for 70 invited guests in the evening.

M/v Ireland is the second cement carrier built for the joint venture JT Cement, in which Erik Thun AB cooperates with KGJ Cement AS from Norway. The vessel is equipped with an LNG fueled propulsion system and the unique design incorporates a pressurized LNG tank positioned in the fore ship.

The vessel is equipped with a fully automated cement loading and unloading system, based on the principle of fluidization of cement with compressed air. The system enables the cement to be pumped through a completely closed, thus dust free, piping system to shore facilities.

Thun Tankers expands its presence in the European 5-10,000 dwt small product tanker segment

Thun Tankers will from end December take ownership of the vessel m/t Nordic Trine, which until now has been owned and managed by Nordic Tankers. The vessel, that will be renamed m/t Thun Greenwich, will be commercially managed from Thun Tankers office in Gothenburg. MF Shipping Group will handle the ship management of Thun Greenwich.

The Thun Tankers-managed fleet between 5-10,000 dwt thus consists of a total of sixteen vessels trading in Europe, offering our customers flexibility, reliability and quality performance.

”-Thun Tankers always strives to alter and match our fleet to our clients’ existing requirements and this ship will further add to that” says Thun Tankers CCO, Joakim Lund.

”-We thank Thun Tankers for their trust and confidence in our company. This vessel perfectly fits in our high performing fleet and underlines our strong partnership with Thun Tankers” says Karin Orsel, CEO  MF Shipping Group.

The vessel will be upgraded to Thun standards at Falkvarv Shipyard, Falkenberg, before being taken into trade.

Gothia Tanker allicance ordering product/chemical tankers

The partners of Gothia Tanker alliance ordering next generation of intermediate product/chemical tankers with LNG propulsion.

Furetank Rederi AB orders two vessels, Rederi AB Älvtank and Thun Tankers BV  orders one vessel each. The contracts have been signed with the Chinese shipyard AVIC Dingheng Shipbuilding for delivery during 2018/2019.

The vessels will be commercially managed by Furetank Chartering which is part of the Gothia Tankers alliance. The tankers will be designed to the absolute latest ‘’state of the art’’ with special focus on keeping emissions to a minimum.

They are designed by FKAB AB together with Furetank Rederi AB and special attention has been focused on minimal impact on the environment, with close to 50 % reduction of CO2 emissions. This also includes full Tier III, dual fuel /LNG propulsion including LNG in port consumption, LNG for IG-boiler, battery backup (UPS) for all vital functions and special ballast water cleaning system and ice 1A.


Nb. 423 ‘M.V. Greenland’ successfully launched!

Greenland 2Watched by a large audience, Newbuilding 423, the LNG powered cement carrier  ‘Greenland’ was christened and launched on Saturday 31 October by Shipyard Ferus Smit BV int Westerbroek, the Netherlands.The christening ceremony was performed by mrs. Ase Espeland, partner of mr Petter Tronstad, CEO of KGJ Cement. After this ceremony the launching went smoothly and ‘by the book’.

M.V. Greenland is a dedicated cement carrier built for the joint venture JT Cement, in which Erik Thun AB cooperates with KG Jebsen Cement (KGJ) from Norway. The vessel will be the first dry cargo vessel ever with an LNG fueled propulsion system, in which a pressurised LNG tank is incorporated inside the hull.

Using LNG as maritime fuel is by far the most environmental-friendly solution available today. While sailing on LNG, the vessel will meet the most stringent emission criteria, as well as new norms that might be in place in future.

The ship is equipped with a fully automated cement loading and unloading system, based on the principle of fluidization of cement with compressed air. This system enables the cement to be pumped through a completely closed, thus dust free, piping system to shore facilities.

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Erik Thun owned aircraft takes to the sky with bio fuel

The 26th of May was the date of Sverigeflyg’s premier flight with bio fuel with a SAAB 2000 aircraft owned by Erik Thun Group.  The flight was between Bromma and Visby with BioJet consisting of 48 percent renewable biofuel on one of the aircraft’s two engines.

Today the price of Bio Fuel are 3-4 times the price than normal flight fuel, but with an expending market the fuel price is likely to fall. Malmö Aviation and Sverigeflyg are leading the development of this market for bio fuels the in Sweden. They are both members of The Fly Green Fund which is a Nordic initiative for organisations to initiate and promote bio fuels and support the continuous work towards reducing the environmental impact. The fund’s objective is to create conditions for the production of biofuel in Sweden and that at least 20 percent of the jet fuel used in the Nordic countries in 2020 will be biofuel.

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CEO appointed for new logistics company focusing on inland waterway shipping

Erik Thun AB, Ahlmark Lines AB and the Dutch company Verenigde Tankrederij are now realizing their plans on sea-based logistic solutions for the inland waterways Lake Vänern and Lake Mälaren in Sweden. A joint company, AVT Shipping, has been formed and Johan Lantz appointed as Managing Director of the new business set up.

”Our notion is that there is potential for development of sea-based logistic solutions both in Lake Vänern and in Lake Mälaren, partly because the new regulations for traffic on the Swedish inland waterways now are about to be adapted so that shipping can reach a better competitiveness, but we also believe that the new type of sustainable maritime transports that we will offer, in a long term, can replace road transports in highly congested and environmentally affected areas.

We are pleased that we have been able to tie Johan Lantz to the new company. Johan who comes from the Swedish Maritime Administration has long experience of building logistic concepts and he also has good knowledge of maritime traffic on inland waterways” says Henrik Källsson, Deputy Managing Director of Erik Thun AB and Håkan Thorell, Managing Director of Ahlmark Lines AB.

AVT Shipping will be fully operational by August 1st 2015.


Contact: Henrik Källsson


Phone:  +46 510 848 02