Environmental responsibility

Erik Thun’s fundamental concept has always been to build and operate ships with a focus on the environment, sustainability and energy efficiency – long before these matters made it onto the global agenda. The objective is continual improvement and awareness. Our long experience within shipping provides us with a good basis for environmentally smart thinking and innovative design. We are highly involved in the design and construction of our ships, from the initial drawings and testing right through to the launch, in order to meet our customers’ needs.

We have worked closely with the shipyards for many years, striving to improve every new generation of ships in order to be as environmentally efficient as possible. Beginning already in 1966, when building Thun Tank 4, we always aim to maximize the cargo intake to load more cargo than our competitors´ do, to reduce transport work and emissions per transported ton.

To reduce the impact on the environment, in case of an accident, our first vessel with a double hull was launched in 1980. Since then, perfecting the hull has been one of our trademarks, using the latest design to reduce fuel consumption. Reducing the engine power of the main engine is another measure we have used for 30 years now, to be more fuel-efficient.

As early as the 1990s we began using box coolers to cool the engines, and analysed and optimised systems on board to reduce electricity consumption. Cooling water from the main and auxiliary engines is used to heat the ship, thereby dispensing the need for an oil-fired boiler.

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